Electrify your foiling experience

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The Propulsion System that attaches to your WASZP

The Stoke Foil Boost is a compact motor, battery and electronics system that enhances your foiler. It assists you in getting up foiling when the wind is light, the sea state is challenging or you just want a smooth, controlled and effortless launch onto your foils. It easily attaches directly to your rudder just below the transom of the boat, does not change the dynamics of your boat and is designed to have minimal water resistance. Ultimately, you’ll get a boost when you’re on the water but no drag when the boat is foiling.

Product Features

  • Take off in as little as 4-5 knots of wind.
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Safely return to shore when the wind drops off.
  • Enjoy easier entry and exit from the marina.
  • Universal mount for seamless installation on your foiling dinghy.
  • Interchangeable smart battery with up to 50 boosts.
  • Wireless controller to control how much boost and when. 

Intuitive Wireless Controller

Smart Interchangeable Battery

AMac’s Review

“It’s pretty amazing, actually. It just gives you that little bit of go, and away you go!” said our own Andrew McDougall, designer of WASZP. “When you don’t have the gusts to get you going but you have a constant light wind, there’s just no way to get up – but once you’re up, you’re going! Three seconds with the Stoke Foil Boost and you’re up. “There’s going to be days when you wouldn’t bother going out because it was going to be too much hard work, or you might get stuck out there, I think for those days this is going to be incredible.”

See the Boost in Action

With a universal mount, the Stoke Foil Boost fits straight out of the box onto your foiling dinghy and the remote attaches to your tiller extension to be accessible when you want it. Amac tested the Stoke Foil Boost on a day with steady 7-8 knot winds and no gusts.

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