Class Culture

What to expect when you join the class?

There are WASZP agents and national class associations all over the world that are on hand to help you make the move to WASZP. Our expert agents will guide you through your new boat and will remain available if you need any spare parts in the future. National associations will welcome you onto the water with training and racing opportunities so that you can maximise your time in the boat and link up with other members of the WASZP community. The International WASZP Class Association organises international events that welcome sailors of all levels to race in some of the biggest foiling regattas in the world.

When you join the class, you’re not just buying a boat. You are becoming part of an exciting global events calendar and joining a community of people that simply love to sail.

Event Experience

WASZP events aim to provide the best sailing experience in the world. They are inclusive, exciting and strike the perfect balance between racing and socials. Events always head to premier foiling venues that deliver the best conditions for the sailors so that racing is competitive, high-quality, and fun. Off the water, there are opportunities to learn more from WASZP experts and leading sailors, whilst the WASZP socials have gained quite a reputation.  



WASZP events range from clinics and rallies to record-breaking global championships. Newcomers to the boat can easily get up to speed by attending clinics and racing events (which are often combined) where knowledge and tips are freely shared by the top sailors in the fleet. There is almost no lower limit of ability required to race in the WASZP fleet, so don’t hesitate to jump right in.   

For those planning to race, there is a lot to look forward to! The annual WASZP Games is on track to become the biggest foiling fleet in history where sailors will battle for the world title. Annual continental championships are also on the roster, with the continental titles up for grabs. On top of this, there are a huge number of EuroCup, National, State and regional events to get involved in.



RaceHub is a bespoke class management system for the WASZP class. Designed and built in-house, it acts as a central point for all global WASZP activity. It features every WASZP event in the world, results, global rankings and much more. It’s designed to make sailors’ admin simple and easy so that they can focus on the sailing!