About the Designer: Andrew McDougall

Andrew McDougall, the innovative mind behind the WASZP Class, is a renowned Australian designer with a passion for sailing and a remarkable track record in the world of dinghy racing. With over 40 years of experience in designing and building high-performance sailing boats, McDougall has left an indelible mark on the sailing community.

Andrew “Amac” McDougall presenting at the 2023 International WASZP Games in Australia
Andrew “Amac” McDougall presenting at the 2023 International WASZP Games in Australia

The WASZP Class is the culmination of McDougall’s expertise and passion for sailing. Designed to be fast, fun, and accessible, the WASZP has quickly become one of the most exciting classes in the sailing world. McDougall’s commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in every aspect of the WASZP, it’s usability, the safety aspect, the fun factor and a high-performance racing platform are all outcomes of Amac’s vision.

We will continue to engage all our resources to ensure the WASZP is the best experience we can make it. We are concentrating on the little things that everything work better, that make the product better, that enhance the experience of owning, competing and being part of the ‘Swarm’. The path forward is ever-evolving – new people and opportunities present – but we will always stay true to the original goal written in a notebook nearly 15 years ago: “Create a boat that keeps young people in sailing”.

Andrew “Amac” McDougall has lived a life of supporting young sailors and reducing the barrier to entry for the sport.

As both a sailor and a designer, McDougall understands the needs and desires of sailors at every level, and his dedication to creating exceptional sailing experiences is evident in the success of the WASZP Class. Andrew McDougall’s legacy as a designer and innovator continues to inspire sailors around the world to push the limits of their sport and embrace the thrill of foiling sailing.

Andrew “Amac” McDougall still races the WASZP and is on the water at every opportunity.