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Buying a WASZP

What is the price of a WASZP?

Europe Only – €15,500 inc VAT + shipping, Australia Only – $20,650 inc GST + shipping, everywhere else $US12,250 + tax/shipping/duties

Are you selling through dealers or direct?

We have a global distribution network of around 30 agents/ambassadors. If your region is not supported on the CONTACT page, you can order direct through WASZP.

Can I try a WASZP?

All of our Agents/Ambassadors have access to demonstration boats, if you CONTACT your local agent they will be able to arrange a demonstration sail for you. Alternatively contact your local association to see if someone will allow you a test.

What about spare parts?

You can either order through your agent or direct through the KA Sail/WASZP webshop.

How long does it take me to assemble my WASZP out of the box after I purchase it?

It will usually take 4 hours to build your brand new WASZP. However there are different ways to pack your WASZP in the box for longer travel. These can take only 30mins – 1 hour from box to rigged.

Sailing a WASZP

How long does it take me to rig and be on the water if my boat is stored with wings down?

You can be on the water in 10mins

How long does it take me to rig and be on the water if my boat is stored with wings up?

You can be on the water in 15mins

What is the ideal weight for a WASZP 8.2m?

60-95kgs+ is a range where you will find yourself competitive across a range of conditions. We have had sailors as light as 65kgs win events and sailors as heavy as 85kgs win events.

What is the ideal weight range for the WASZP_X?

30-55kgs, this is the perfect platform to progress through to the WASZP senior class. The 5.8m rig allows you to begin your journey and learn, then move through to the 6.9m rig.

Is it safe?

The WASZP is the safest foiling boat going around for its speed. With no sidestays and aluminium foils with no sharp edges, plus the high wishbone boom, there is very little for a sailor to injure themselves on. It was purposely designed to be safe and fast.

WASZP Events

Is there racing around the world?

We have competitive racing circuits in 20 countries now, with tier 1 & 2 events being held every year in iconic locations. We have a global class manager who maintains the standard of WASZP racing and events globally.

How do I become an International WASZP Class member?

https://racehub.waszp.com is where all information about the class and membership can be found.

Is there a list of events?
What is Slalom racing?

A downwind racing format where races only last 3mins, designed for close to shore spectator appeal and fun for all sailors

Is it all about the racing?

No, we have different formats to encourage participation amongst sailors or all levels, ages and abilities. We also provide different digital applications within racehub to allow our sailors to stay connected all over the world. We host GPS competitions and Virtual Reality racing within our racehub platform.

Are WASZP Sailors friendly?

They are very friendly, the class culture has been built on having fun, events are based in locations that are for friends, family and competitors to enjoy. Lots of social events are planned during events and many countries have fun meets where they just go sailing. At events a bad day on the water doesn’t mean you have to have a bad day off the water, the class is always there to provide fun as soon as you hit the beach.

How good is the competition?

The racing is second to none, to be that close and be going as fast as these boats go provides a competitive experience that is unmatched. As well as top level WASZP sailors the fleet is complimented by former Olympians and professional sailors who join the racing to keep sharp in between other campaigns.

What is the WASZP Games?

The WASZP GAMES is an alternative to a World Championship, the WASZP team has created a product and platform that enables multiple racing formats and a large social side. These events are extremely well attended and the winner is crowned the best WASZP sailor in the World.