WASZP Games Day 1: Unfinished Business in Electric Slalom Racing

Sorrento, Melbourne, Australia – 12/12/23

The inaugural day of the WASZP Games kicked off with an exhilarating display of competitive spirit amidst the dark and rainy Melbourne weather. Despite the challenging conditions, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as 94 boats divided into 18 boats for each flight competed in the highly anticipated Slalom Racing event.

The initial two rounds unfolded flawlessly, showcasing classic racing conditions, albeit a touch damp. However, as the wind veered strongly to the east, necessitating a course adjustment, nature took hold. Midway through the semifinal series, the breeze softened, leading to an unforeseen interruption in the Slalom Racing.

Regrettably, the fading wind also impacted the scheduled distance race, a thrilling sprint to the South Channel Pile and back. This race, poised to be an entertaining spectacle, featured a generous $1,000 prize pool sponsored by Andrew McDougall from WASZP, set to be distributed among the divisions. The anticipation for this event will now linger until the T2 & T1 competitions in Hawaii and Norway.

The WASZP community remains resilient and optimistic, eagerly awaiting a window of opportunity throughout the week to conclude the Slalom Racing segment and savor the enthralling experience that the distance race promises.

Stay tuned for updates and further action as the WASZP Games continue, poised to deliver unparalleled excitement and unparalleled sporting prowess