Overbeck officially clinched the “inevitable” victory in Hawaii, dominating the 2024 WASZP Americas.

In the final day of racing, the long-distance race, it was a simple cruise of Kaneohe Bay for the Great Dane, who showcased exceptional skills all week.

Local talent Gavin Ball  secured silver, keen to use his deep understanding of the bay to dominate the distance event.

For the other top 10 sailors, there was a genuine chance to reshuffle positions from 3rd to 10th.

Ball quickly established a commanding lead, aiming to maintain his flight above the water throughout the day.

As the wind picked up to a maximum of 11 knots, the race turned into an exhilarating challenge for all participants.

Ultimately, Gavin found himself closely pursued by Canadian Jackson Macaulay, whose stellar performance elevated him from 6th to the bronze medal in the regatta, acknowledging Macaulay’s hard work over the last 6-8 months where he has attended all major events globally.

It was great to have all participating countries represented in the top 10.

On the women’s front it was a close battle between USA, AUS and CAN with local hero Pearl Lattanzi grabbing the top honors.  Pearl was also one of pursuant of Gavin the distance race only just missing out with a 4th.

This event was truly unbeleivable, fulfilling all expectations and elevating the standard for future WASZP events worldwide.

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