Overbeck claims US Nationals

The 2024 US Nationals in Kaneohe Bay have paved the way for an electrifying America’s Championship, marked by the exceptional performance of Denmark’s Magnus Overbeck. As the world’s number 2 ranked Waszp sailor, Overbeck didn’t just meet expectations; he surpassed them by clinching the US National Title, demonstrating his sailing excellence and setting the stage for a promising showdown in the America’s Championship.

Gavin Ball, the 2023 Americas champion and local hero, ascended the ranks to claim the silver medal, showcasing his expertise and living up to his 6th global ranking. His stellar performance has reignited discussions about his potential to defend his title.

Gavin Ball putting on a show

Conall Green of Australia displayed remarkable consistency throughout the week, but a hiccup in the final races saw him taking home the bronze. Despite this, Green’s ambitions to claim the America’s trophy for Australia and bring the title DownUnder.

Conall Green on the hunt

Zach Severson from Hawaii, faced with technical challenges, managed to secure 4th place, just ahead of Canadian sailor Jackson MacCauley. Severson’s determination and ability to overcome adversity underscore his competitive spirit.

With a rest day allowing the sailors to enjoy Hawaii’s stunning landscapes, excitement is mounting for the America’s Championship. The event promises to be a spectacle, featuring 3 Slalom Style races , a fleet series, and a concluding long-distance race on March 31st to determine the 2024 Americas Champion.


The key question is whether anyone can rival Magnus Overbeck, the “Great Dane,” whose supremacy has been unmistakably demonstrated. The anticipated races, with conditions forecasted to range from 17-25 knots, promise to showcase high-level competition, strategy, and the sheer will to win, with sailors from around the globe vying for the prestigious title