Challenging Start to Australian Nationals: Unpredictable Winds Disrupt Day One

Sorrento, Australia – 7/12/23

The Australian Nationals for the WASZP event kicked off with an exciting yet challenging start as the inaugural day faced unstable and unseasonable winds. The day began with a prolonged waiting period as participants eagerly awaited the opportune moment to hit the water. As a faint sea-breeze finally teased the event, sailors launched into action. However, their enthusiasm was short-lived as the elusive breeze dissipated, forcing the organisers to make the tough call to abandon the day’s scheduled races.

The strategy is to set in motion a racing plan to initiate 3-4 races on Friday. With soaring temperatures, hopes are high for favorable conditions that will allow the competitors to get the racing in before the predicted storms.

Despite the intermittent challenges posed by the weather, the atmosphere at the WASZP event continues to be a vibe. Competitors are making the most of the scenic Sorrento area, taking advantage of the exceptional amenities offered by the Sorrento Sailing & Couta Boat facility and soaking up the vibrant beach culture.

The Australian Nationals for WASZP sailing present not only a platform for competitive races but also an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the vibrant coastal ambiance of Sorrento. As the event progresses, anticipation mounts for an exhilarating showcase of skill, determination, and the unwavering spirit of the sailing community.