Americas Championship – Day 1 – Slalom Spectacular

The 2024 Americas kicked off in spectacular fashion, beginning with a thrilling three-race slalom series on the first day. While the official results are pending, the races clearly displayed a rich diversity of skills, with new faces at the front . Competitors enjoyed winds of 15-18 knots, peaking with exhilarating gusts over 20 knots, all captured in an impressive photo gallery.

Continuing the race committee’s momentum, the Americas fleet series resumed seamlessly from where the National ended. Dane Overbeck secured two more victories, maintaining his lead. Familiar faces such as BALL, GREEN, MACAULAY, and CHISHOLM continued to perform well, but the spotlight also shone on the SUI team, with DE WECK & GROGNUZ making a notable entrance into the top 5. As the competition progresses, one burning question lingers:

Is there anyone who can challenge Overbeck’s dominance?