The new pathway in foiling

X LAB – the new project of the ITALIAN ASSOCIATION CLASS WASZP aimed at U19 Sailors.

2022 closes with a mark of success and results for the WASZP. Many events in the name of the one-design derivation have filled the Italian calendar: the Italian Championship, the Italy Cup regatta circuit, the Foiling Week regatta circuit, WASZP Games and the International Nastro Rosa Tour are only the principals for the 2022 season

The FIV NEXT GENERATION FOIL ACADEMY project powered by Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team has seen the WASZP as the choice of equipment mainly used for the growth of young foil sailors.

Finally, the arrival of the WASZP X, presented at the beginning of the year, has given additional impetus to the already amazing development of the WASZP class in Italy.

The WASZP X with a 5.8-square sail allows 35-kilo kids to sail and foil as much as an adult. The 6.9 sq.m. sail represents the perfect union trait between the rig for the youngest and the WASZP standard with the 8.2 sq.m. sail.

Thanks to WASZP X, starting as young as 12, is a new target for kids who want to sail and foil.

AICWA has therefore decided to close an already exceptional year, with the launch of a new project that will set the path for the next generations in the coming years.

The X LAB project, this is the name, represents the answer for all Under 19s who want to sail WASZP and approach the regattas, in the name of fun!

The project, organized in four different modules, ensures the kids have a complete growth path: from the first flights to participation in a regatta, without leaving out the social component and fun.

A calendar of annual meetings and planned activities will ensure the acquisition of the knowledge essential to manage the WASZP safely, to properly maintain a foiling boat and, finally, to grow competently in a fun and adrenaline pumping environment.

The modules of XLAB are: X CAMP, X TEAM, X EDU, X FUN.
X CAMP are annual meetings where young WASZPers can face off with their peers while sailing together. An opportunity to improve your navigation technique, but also your regatta technique. A unique mix for an unforgettable life experience.

X CAMP will be broken down according to the participants’ level and objectives. Access to the X CAMP will be decided by AICWA taking into account the technical level of the sailors, their competitive results and their interest in carrying out the sailing activity in a more or less competitive manner. The main spirit of the class is to have fun sailing, it will therefore be a free choice for the sailors to decide whether to prefer the “just for fun” or competitive aspect. The coaches of the individual cyclists who want to follow their children’s progress and share this experience with them.

XTEAM is the X LAB Team. Some selected regattas during the year will be the objective of the X TEAM. A competitive group united by a common growth path and a desire to have fun. The AICWA in collaboration with the families of the young WASZPers will spend money to facilitate the organization of the trips and the children’s participation in regattas. The X TEAM will give life to a united and cohesive group of people who participate in a competitive circuit, with a collaborative spirit and the desire to share a life experience.

The XEDU is the cultural platform dedicated to foiling. A package of information and notions intended for young WASZPers, available for use at all times. Everything that includes the word foil from boat maintenance to sail adjustments will find space and reason to be in X EDU.

XFUN will see the realization of a series of events aimed at favouring ‘just for fun”, recreational and social aspect of a class that is distinguished by its adrenaline and fun spirit. Not only regatta but also moments of leisure, because sailing is first and foremost an emotion. Fun events like downwind or slalom trails are the basis of X FUN.

The X LAB project, born also thanks to the input and commitment provided by the parents of some young WASZPers, has started with the first stage of the XCAMP that will be held at Lake Garda from October 20 to 23, 2022 at the Fraglia Vela Malcesine The project has shown its potential right away. Eight kids took part in the first stage, and others were interested in joining immediately.

The signal is loud and clear: young people like WASZP and many are ready to foil.

The second stage of #XCAMP is already planned for MARINA DI CARRARA on November 25th, 26th and 27th!