Inspire Racing x WASZP

WASZP is proud to be a partner SailGP and their quest to form a pathway for young sailors into the professional ranks. The SailGP INSPIRE program in conjunction with WASZP is used as a genuine talent identification pathway for young sailors Under 21 to gain exposure on the world stage.

We have had an amazing start to the SailGP WASZP INSPIRE Racing circuit for season 2, our third event in Plymouth was the first opportunity to run a full scale event. There was a mixture of written applications and 4 sailors were selected from the qualifying round at the UK WASZP Nationals. With 16 sailors (8x Male, 8x Female), ripping around the course in Plymouth, it was an event that will live in the memory of these young sailors for a long, long time!

Imagine flying at high speeds above the water just like the SailGP athletes – that’s what Inspire Racing offers, thanks to foiling technology. It’s cool, fast and thrilling – an entirely different, next-level experience. Closer to surfing or gliding in terms of image and lifestyle – but with technical skill and sheer enjoyment at its core.

16 youth athletes (U21) are selected on the following criteria: sailing ability; willingness to learn new skills; positive attitude towards the sport and this opportunity; ambitious; demonstrating the potential to become a SailGP athlete in the future.

Upcoming SailGP Inspire Events

EVENT DATES: 9th – 13th November


EVENT DATES: 11th -15th January


EVENT DATES: 15 -19th February


EVENT DATES: 15th – 19th March


EVENTS DATES: 5th – 8th May

The male and female winner from each SailGP Inspire Event to attend


Season 2 Videos

SailGP Womens Invitational Camp

In 2021 The WASZP has been selected to begin the pathway transition into the F50! All teams are required to meet this criteria, host a camp and select at least 1 female to join them on the 2021/22 SailGP Journey, earning a spot on the F50.

This again solidifies the fact the WASZP is the number one pathway for foiling/racing into the proffessional circuit. If you are racing and competing at a high level on the WASZP you will begin to get noticed on these pathways.