WASZP Tutorials

Over the last 6 weeks, we have released a full suite of WASZP Tutorials, narrated and developed by European Champion Matt Beck in conjunction with WASZP HQ.

In the tutorials, we focus on the fundamentals to enable all WASZP sailors or those new to foiling to get the most out of their experience.

At WASZP we have a heavy focus on making our product accessible and getting more people foiling earlier by flattening the learning curve. Anyone can do this and if you follow Matt Beck’s tips and tricks, you will be taking flight, foil gybing, foil tacking and foiling earlier.

With a packed event circuit in 2022, there is no better time to get into a WASZP and head to one of our major or local events. The Class culture is incredibly inclusive and many events have clinics attached to them so anyone of any level can get involved. The top sailors are more than happy to share ‘most’ of their secrets to help those who are new to the fleet.

See the full playlist here!

Stay tuned for more action throughout 2022!