EuroCup 2021 – Circuit Re-launched!

WASZP Announces re-launch of EuroCup Circuit for 2021


After some minor hiccups to start the season, things are starting to swing into action for the WASZP Class. We have ammended some of the early season EuroCup events and re-structured the event circuit to ensure we get a full card of 5 events in for 2021.

This week we see leg 1 of the first ever WASZP EuroCup, being held in Rutland UK, we will see 50+ WASZPs on the starting line for 4 days of amazing sailing and social atmosphere. There is no better place to start this journey than in the UK.

The event series has been in high demand for the last couple of years but had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The EuroCup circuit has been set up off the back of demand from sailors that love to travel and compete in other countries. The WASZP is incredibly easy to transport, which gives the class plenty of opportunity to run even more outstanding international racing events around Europe.

The European WASZP fleet is accustomed to big international regattas, with the WASZP Games and WASZP European championships marking some of the biggest foiling events in the history of the sport. Consisting of five events that will sit at a lower tier to the major championships, the EuroCup circuit will visit France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain in 2021.

One of the major goals of the EuroCup circuit is to provide a boost to national WASZP fleets. The EuroCup status adds an extra dimension to any domestic season with the promise of enticing foreign sailors to national events to increase numbers and the overall level of competition. Another objective of the circuit is to offer a lower tier international event that will give newcomers and beginners a flavour of WASZP internationals. In other classes, the idea of a ‘European Championship’ can be daunting for beginners. It suggests fierce competition beyond the skill-level of the average club sailor. For the WASZP fleet, this simply isn’t the case. WASZP welcomes sailors of all ability levels to major championships. The culture is inclusive and the community is incredibly welcoming with an ethos that sees experienced sailors offering continual help and support to anybody that wants to improve. The EuroCup circuit will showcase this element of the class at a regional level and lead to more WASZP sailors actively competing internationally for the sailing, the social and the overall experience.

All EuroCup events are posted on RaceHub, where further information can be found. >>> RACEHUB EuroCup

The Venues

UK: Rutland Sailing Club (17-20 June)

Based on one of the largest lakes in England, Rutland Sailing Club has become a huge supporter of the UK WASZP fleet and regular venue for the UK National Championship. Round 2 of the EuroCup circuit invites sailors to enjoy the flat water and beautiful surroundings of this leading inland venue. Like the French event, the UK National Championship will also be contested here, as well as the chance for U21 sailors to qualify for the UK SailGP event to be held in Plymouth in July!


Germany: Travemünde Woche (24-26 July)

Travemünde Week is one of the most famous sailing festivals in Europe with a history that goes all the way back to 1892! The week hosts a number of regattas on the Bay of Lübeck on the Baltic sea. This year, the WASZP EuroCup will be part of the festival. The German WASZP fleet has really taken off over the last couple of years, so the competition is sure to be of excellent quality. Alongside great racing, there is a complete festival experience for sailors to enjoy! For those WASZP sailors planning to compete in the European Championships in Norway, this event is conveniently on the way for many.

Germany EuroCup LINK

**France: Baie de Quiberon – French National Championships (30th July – 3rd August)

Explore a dream setting for WASZP racing on the Quiberon peninsula in Morbihan. This amazing location between two seas with breathtaking landscapes: on one side, the Atlantic Ocean and its wild coast, on the other, the bay of Quiberon and its fine sandy beaches.
A large fleet is expected to attend the French leg event thanks to the fast-growing French contingent of the class. Travel is easy and there are plenty of places to stay close to the sailing location. The competition comprises of the EuroCup event, the French National Championship and a qualifier for U21 sailors for the French Sail GP event in St Tropez! There is no doubt that competition will be of the highest quality. As with all WASZP events, the social scene is very important here. Traditional French cuisine, including the famous cassoulet, promises sailors the complete French WASZP experience! **

France EuroCup LINK

Italy: Marvelia, Dongo, Lago di Como (17-19 September)

Based on the famous Lake Como, Marvelia has grown into a leading Italian sailing club. Through its dedicated members, the club has provided outstanding service to the sport by introducing hundreds of young people to sailing and training more than 50 instructors to share the passion. Experienced in organising national and international regattas and as major supporters of the Italian WASZP fleet, Marvelia welcomes all sailors to enjoy the stunning Lake Como.

Italy EuroCup LINK

Spain: GEN Roses (29-31 October)

Rounding off the international season for Europe, the finale of the EuroCup circuit heads to Roses in northern Spain. The attractive Mediterranean town has over 3,000 years of maritime history and is very popular with tourists for its connection to nature, its hospitality and its culture. Located just 30km from the French border, Roses is very accessible for the rest of Europe. GEN Roses has hosted a number of major regattas in its history and looks forward to adding the WASZP EuroCup to its impressive portfolio. This event will be an amazing way to end the season.

Spain EuroCup LINK.

All EuroCup events are posted on RaceHub, where further information can be found.