Foiling in paradise: the biggest double-header in WASZP history!

This is bucket-list stuff. The 2024 WASZP Americas Championship is set for Hawaii and the Hawaiian swarm, US WASZP class and international WASZP class cannot wait to see you in Oahu for what could be the most epic sailing trip of our lives!

If a major championship in Hawaii isn’t enough, the Americas will also run back-to-back with the US Nationals, offering 8 days of spectacular racing between 23 and 31 March 2024.

Gavin Ball, the recent winner of the 2023 Americas Championship and SailGP Inspire men’s champion invites all WASZP sailors to Kanoehe Bay on the island of Oahu for an unrivalled foiling experience in what he insists are the world’s best waters for WASZP sailing.

“I am extremely excited to have everyone in my slice of foiling perfection. Based off the global El Niño weather patterns we expect to have around 12-17 knots of warm trade winds for the duration of the event, with a maximum wave height of just 10cm! The setting of the bay is beautiful, surrounded by the cliffs of the Ko’olau mountain range, and the people at the yacht club are determined to offer the best event experience you could possibly ask for.”

Gavin Ball of USA celebrates winning the Inspire Racing x WASZP Grand Final on Race Day 1 of the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final in San Francisco, USA. Saturday 6th May 2023. Photo: Felix Diemer for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP

Indeed, Hawaii’s unique location in path of the Pacific trade winds means it is undoubtedly the world’s leading WASZP venue when it comes to the annual number of foiling hours possible. It’s a Groundhog Day of perfection – always warm and virtually always great breeze! Add in the renowned hospitality of Kaneohe Yacht Club and this is an event that cannot be missed!

The place is unbeatable, but many sailors might find the travel logistics daunting.

Think again!

The Hawaiian WASZP fleet is well-versed in shipping their boats around the world and has access to exclusive preferential rates for WASZP sailors to get boats to and from Hawaii via air freight. No long periods without your boat and no huge shipping bills – simply box your boat up, take it to one of the nominated airports and unpack it a couple of days later in Hawaii! Guaranteed discount air-freight will be available from Florida, California and Australia. To express an interest and start the planning process, please fill out this form.

Box your boat up Air-Freight to Hawaii.

Hawaiians have long been part of the swarm and have committed to countless events on the other side of the world. It is about time the swarm returned the favour and took a visit to the Kaneohe talent factory.

The North American WASZP fleet is on the charge. The Canadian fleet has seen a huge boost in the last two years and the US fleet is following suit. In the next 18 months, North America will see an Americas Championship, Atlantic Coast Championship, Pacific Coast Championship, US Nationals, Canadian Nationals and 5 SailGP events! Add on a winter series in Florida to keep the wheels turning in the colder months and for the first time since the class began, the North Americans have a stacked calendar of major events throughout the year.

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